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Product Name: keratosis growth factor KGF

Chemical name: of KGF specifications :1-100mg
Quality Standard: GMP

Appearance: white crystal / liquid CAS :148348-15-6

Keratosis growth factor (keratinocyte growth factor) is a member of the family of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs), FGF-7, 1989 to Rubin et al found. Mature KGF is a single polypeptide chain of 163 amino acid residues, is internationally recognized skin wrinkle removing anti-aging factor, able to stimulate and increase the capacity of cells to synthesize molecular weight :26-28KD

1,Improve skin microcirculation, enhance skin nutrient supply, and restore the normal metabolism of the skin tissue, thereby improving skin color, the skin becomes red and shiny. / 2, to promote the dermal layer of fibroblasts synthesize and secrete collagen, elastic fiber protein and matrix, enhance skin elasticity, can effectively prevent and eliminate wrinkles.

Packaging: dope / solvent agent / lyophilized powder

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